On June 6th, 2016 we will be releasing "Best of Dance Instrumentals" compilation album (digital download only).

This album commemorates a decade of Arcane Dimension's music, and the particular part of it that was written for the belly dance global community. We hope that this release appeals to all the new fans and dancers that just discovered us and want to get into the grove!  As a bonus it will include a previously unreleased track "Amor Eterno".

Look for it on Amazon, itunes, CD Baby, and Bandcamp.

The Bohemian and Pacific Sun in the North San Francisco Bay Area have announced Arcane Dimension as winners of the 2015 voting in the World category:


"Most of us live in a world of three dimensions. And then there's Arcane Dimension, the avant-garde, world-music collective. With a melding of bowed guitar melodies, belly dancing, performance art and tribal drums, the edgy and envelope-pushing Arcane Dimension are highly influenced by main man Jarek Tatarek's metal and industrial background. This month, as the votes came in for the NorBays, Arcane Dimension announced they were going on hiatus for the fall. But when they decide to return to the tribe, the band will have plenty of fans ready to welcome them back."

As of the Fall of 2015 we are officially on hiatus, and are taking a break after our 10 years of writing and performing music.

A big thank you to everyone who got involved, book us, collaborated with us, shared the stage with us, and supported us in our endeavors in the past decade! At this time we are fully committed, heart mind and body, to our new side project Arcane Ritual. If you would like to stay up to date on our new adventures you can follow the Arcane Ritual Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/arcaneritual?ref=bookmarks

TRIBAL FEST 15 - "THE ART OF DANCING WITH A ROCK BAND" workshop by Jarek & Teresa of Arcane Dimension!

Teresa and Jarek have been honored with the invitation from Tribal Fest® 15, to come and teach, next year!

Prepare for a workshop like you've never seen before! We're coming for you all!!!

Please follow this link for registration:


We have been invited by Lumen Obscura to take part in this awesome and creative DVD:

To purchase go to Amazon.com at this link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JESHXQ8

Featuring the talents of: Aepril Schaile, Arcane Dimension feat Teresa Camp (with special guests Radha Romero, Nicole Fortuna), Deidre Anaid, Ida Mahin, Katy Swensen, Kristie Lauren, Marjhani, Maureen, Megz Madrone, Paige Lawrence, and Sabaku Fusion (feat. Luku)

"Tribal Dance Series Vol 3: Dance Of The Dark Faerie" follows "Tribal Collaborations" and "Avantgarde Tribal Fusion" EP. Dark and enchanting! A must for an eclectic dancer, looking for something new!

Arcane Dimension Band Merchandise- For the first time ever!

Friends, you have been asking 'when are you gonna get t-shirts/hoodies/merchandise?' Well, you asked and we listened! The goal for this campaign is to raise enough funds to get all our band merchandise done and open our web store. 
THANK YOU! For taking the time to look at our campaign. We've been fortunate that our music has connected us to the most amazing and inspiring people we could ask to meet. You give us the strength to keep pushing, making music and kicking ass! Your contributions, however big or small, mean the world to us and we cannot thank you enough!
Please share with friends, and help/join us in this in any way you can!


The new short movie by the director Lee Stoneman is not only featuring music by Arcane Dimension, but also features Jarek and Teresa blended into the dynamic action of the movie. Check out the trailer here:

Preview: "PEACOCK" from Lee Stoneman on Vimeo.

And the great news keeps rolling in!!! ARCANE DIMENSION will team up with the phenomenal Canadian dark fantasy artist, Jessica Allain for the re-release of "Avantgarden" album by Ravenheart Music!!! The remixed and remastered CD will include bonus tracks and now an awesome, updated artwork by Jessica!!!

"ARCANE DIMENSION, an "Avantgarde World Rock", San Francisco Bay Area based band and performance collective, has inked a worldwide deal with RAVENHEART MUSIC, a UK based record label/distribution hub specialising in female fronted rock and metal.
Fronted by Teresa Camp (Halcyon Days, Highway 17), backed by mastermind Jarek Tatarek, a multi-instrumentalist and the founder of the legendary Polish thrashers Astharoth, industrial trio Enclave, and atmospheric metal band Halcyon Days. The duo is joined by Jared Marill (Occision, Grindstorm, Prevail) on bass. 

A remastered and remixed release of the current album "Avantgarden" is expected, enriched by bonus tracks and updated artwork. Release date TBA."


Metalodic is all out instrumental metal, with beautiful, haunting lead GuitarViol (bowed guitar) melodies. If you like Apocalyptica, Break Of Reality, or Cello Fury, check this out!!! Out digitally, world wide on Valentine's Day 2013 - available on that date on Amazon.com, iTunes, Emusic, and all other major digital retailers.  [Photo credit: Dano Blanchard]


BREAKING NEWS! In an effort to transform the negativity surrounding 9/11, on September 11, 2012 Arcane Dimension will release "Avantgarde Tribal Fusion" - an all digital EP with more dance music! You asked for it and we deliver. Amazing music for an eclectic and discriminating dancer looking for something different!

A 2012 Promo video has been released to "Music Of The Spheres" from the new album "Avantgarden". 

Check in out on Arcane Dimension channel on Vimeo:

Arcane Dimension Promo Video 2012 from Arcane Dimension on Vimeo.

Tribal Collaborations by Arcane Dimension is a visionary work of art, a musical feast, and an album that you will be finding yourself listening to over and over, discovering intricate layers of sound with each play!! Each song is unique unto itself, inviting the listener to step into totally diverse exotic soundscapes.

To purchase a beautiful digipak CD. go here: http://wildcardbellydance.com/cd/

Available to sample and purchase in entirety on  bandcamp here: http://arcanedimension.bandcamp.com/album/tribal-collaborations

Also available world wide on iTunes, Amazon, and all major digital distribution sites.

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